The Builder for September 29th


About Schmidt!

This week's meeting was attended by 18 Kiwanians and our guest speaker Reverend Ralph Schmidt. Our mystery greet Kiwanian Rebecca Mills received a warm welcome from all.

Reverend Ralph gave a very humorous presentation of his life of community service in Owen Sound. He was initially a clergyman who then turned into a police officer and then back to a clergyman again.


Photo by PP John Prettie

While he worked as a Police Officer, he was known as Radar Ralph. For the past seven and a half years the Reverend Radar Ralph has been at Knox United Church.

A Fine Time!

PP Don Sweatman was seen using his blackberry during the meeting, a techno faux pas.

K Gord Harris, a.k.a Rev Gord gave a great wedding performance until the true officiant could arrive. Who knew...

President Bob confessed to viewing the production of Jesus Christ Super Star.

PP Don Sweatman was off swinging sticks on a trip to Florida to teach K Guy Chouinard the finer points of playing golf. K Don said it took five rounds over the course of five days but in the end he thought K Guy’s game had certainly improved! No confirmation as yet from K Guy.

PP Don Sweatman was delighted to report celebrating his 30th anniversary with his wife Karen. Congrats, you two love birds!

K James Culligan was pleased to announce his recent 30 day excursion into the United States during which time he made seven interclub meetings. One in particular was with the Kiwanis Club of Ulster in New York State in a town called Socrates. There was a garlic festival in Socrates and the K Club members treated K James to garlic ice cream – mmmm good! The Ulster Club is one of seven clubs in the Hudson River Division. Well done K James.

K Ted Horton enjoyed a wonderful boat cruise to Tuscany, Venice, Istanbul and the USA. K Ted said a good part of the time was in customs at the various ports of call. You can never be too careful when admitting a lawyer into your country...

From the President's Corner!


Photo: PP John Prettie

This was President Bob Miller's final day tending the gavel at our meetings. We are most grateful that he devoted himself so faithfully to the duties of President. Under his watch he has made communication to the members a top priority. He unselfishly devoted an incredible amount of his time to make our club better. Thank you to his wife Ann as well for giving up her husband for the past year. He's all yours now!

We do hope you will come on October 15th to thank Past President Bob and to welcome President Linda.


Past President Bob, never one to sit idly by, is assisting to help build a Key Club at a local high school. They will be needing a Kiwanian as an advisor. If you wish more, information please contact Bob.

Check out our website at: www.kiwanisowensound.com