The Builder for September 6th

President Designate Gord wielded a heavy gavel in the absence of President Linda, while she is away on a cruise, bringing seventeen Kiwanians to attention. We were greeted today at our registration table by K Paul Matthies and K Susan Davey.

PP Jed PP Jed Phillips introduced Division 8 Spokesperson Kiwanian Julia Levine to speak about our Global Project MNT to eliminate Maternal Neonatal Tetanus. He took the opportunity to congratulate her for receiving the ETFO Humanitarian of the Year Award for the Province of Ontario presented in Toronto in August.

Speakers Corner

K Julia spoke about the goal of reaching $110 million dollars in dollars and pledges by 2015.

One child dies an unimaginable painful death every 9 minutes which is preventable through 3 shots costing a total of $1.80.

There was a short video presented outlining the benefits of the program and the effect it has. Several countries have already had MNT eliminated. We have 34 more left in our work with UNICEF.

Clubs and individuals are encouraged to donate through the Kiwanis Foundation of Canada The foundation will donate a dollar for every three we donate. What about putting out a cup in your office on Tuesdays? A Toonie Tuesday for Tetanus....each donated toonie will save the life of one child.

Lieutenant Governor Designate Gail Norris thanked K Julia after several questions were asked and answered.

A Fine Time!

K Doug Cleverley was happy to announce the birth of great niece Phoebe Elizabeth Ferguson on August 3rd after fifty-six hours of labour...ouch!

Paul Matthies was also proud to proclaim a new grandson Findley August Matthies on July 23rd. PP Jed Phillips is singing the praises of his daughter Paige's new job with the Canadian Opera Company.

PP Don Sailor Sweatman has returned from sailing the Gulf Islands off Vancouver and biking for two days to Tofino, B.C. Captain K Steve Sired has landed from his sailing through Great Lakes. K Ted Horton has returned from his trip magnifique all about France. While K Alex Morris tripped the light fantastic on the wild side when he took his family to the Metro Zoo for a roaring good time.

PD Gord Harris shared the excitement of his grandchildren's first day back at school. Speaking of and letters were shared on member's luncheon tables today written by grateful Read Around the World listeners and Music Festival Scholarship recipients.

Let's Celebrate!

PD Gord wishes to announce that K Phil Gignac and PP Andrew Drury's wife Cathy are both doing well post surgery this week. Our thoughts and best wishes go out to them and their family for a speedy recovery!

Birthdays for September

Bruce Jobe 6

Paul Kirk 8

Tricia Morris

Stu Luckhardt 9

Pat Haefling 10

Russ Pierson 14

Gail Norris 17

Janet Price 19

Pat Luckhardt 21

Val Prettie 28

September Anniversaries

Dennis and Nancy Hertz 4

Mary Lou and Paul Strimas 23

Karen and Don Sweatman 26

Paul and Linda Matthies 30