The Builder for September 8th


A jolly good bunch of builders we....

Thirteen Kiwanians were present along with guest Justin Skultety, hosted by K Sean McMurray. PP Peter Little is reminding members that the Kiwanis Music Festival will be needing volunteers. PP John McLachlan has a few more Ribfest food booth times to fill.

Happy Toonies!

PP Peter Little went to Elkhorn Manitoba to help celebrate the 110th anniversary of a farm...Old MacDonald was very proud.

PP John Prettie is kicking up his heels with a good bill of health to play the part of Max in the Sound of Music opening at the Roxy Theatre on November 10th.

Ahoy K Steve Sired. He has been sailing his time away and so far his first mate hasn't mutinied.

K Bert Loopstra paid a happy toonie because he is able to play golf in the upcoming Chamber of Commerce golf tournament. All his swimming has helped his knees deal with the walking so he should be able to deal well with any ball landing in the pond.

PP Don Sweatman admitted to golfing and fishing this summer but not necessarily at the same time...

President Bob and Ann went to a friendly (Bob’s buddies) reunion at Lake Calaboogie Resort and enjoyed golfing and camaraderie.

Speaker's Corner!


(A Prettie Portrait!)

District Convention Chairperson DPP Gail Norris reported on the Eastern Canada and Caribbean District Convention held in May at the Blue Mountain Convention Centre.

Division 8 proved to be a great team, pulling together to provide wonderful entertainment, workshops and social events in true Kiwanis team spirit. The venue was an excellent choice.


With 453 in attendance, more than was expected, Kiwanians were delighted by the Kiwanis Store so ably managed by PP Wayne Challis of the Kiwanis Club of Meaford.

From the helpful information kiosk, to K Guy Chouinard as our able translator at the registration desk, to the Orillia Club's safety village exhibit, delegates were most impressed with how well organized everything was.

The 80 volunteers from clubs throughout our Division made the success of the convention possible. Thank you to all of those in our own club who volunteered their time, talents and treasury!

PLG Al Kelly was honored for his efforts on behalf of Kiwanis and our community by receiving the prestigious Kiwanian of the Year Award. It was a proud moment for our club and for PLG Al's family present that evening. The award is pictured on the home page of our website.


Special Notice: Club members, please plan to attend our Division 8 Caucus Meeting in Collingwood at the Leisure Time Club on September 24 from 1-3 p.m.. We will be nominating DPP Gail Norris for the position of Lieutenant Governor for 2012-2014. Let's be out in full force to show our support.