The Builder for April 11th

President Michelle Kobryn chaired our luncheon meeting at the Best Western Inn on the Bay. Kiwanian Mike Rutherford and K Penny Garvin greeted the nineteen Kiwanians and four guests in attendance. Our guests included Dr. Rahan Lakhani, Ann Miller, Cameron Lovell and John Davey.

Past President Gord Harris won our lucky number draw. Our mystery greeter was K Dennis Kefalas and he reported that everyone greeted him. However, K Dennis announced that he got the best greeting from Lieutenant Governor Elect Susan Davey, who gave him a warm Kiwanis hug.

Speaker's Corner!

L to R: Distinguished President Bob Miller and guest speaker, Dr. Rehan Lakhanin ND

Distinguished President Bob Miller introduced our guest speaker, Dr. Rahan Lakhani ND.

Dr. Rehan Lakhani is a registered Naturopathic Doctor, and Clinical Director of Georgian Bay Integrative Medicine located in Collingwood, ON. He is dedicated to providing evidence based and preventative naturopathic treatments.

Dr. Rehan spoke about Digestive Health issues and how keeping our gut healthy is the key to keeping our mind and body healthy.

Eating the right food makes a big difference. Our gut controls many things such as muscle and joint pain, immune system, energy levels, chronic health and inflammation.

Naturopathic care from a professional can be helpful to you. For more information, you may wish to contact Georgian Bay Interactive Medicine in Collingwood.

PP Don Sweatman thanked Dr. Lakhani for his talk. There was great information to digest...

L to R: Dr. Lakani and PP Don Sweatman

Welcome to our Kiwanis Family!

President Michelle introduced Mary Lou Brown as our newest member in our club.  PP Gord Harris presented Mary Lou with her K Ball Cap and K Apron and he explained the reason for the apron.

K Scott Lovell presented Mary Lou with her name badge and information Kit. K Scott gave his personal perspective of reasons for joining which include helping children, fellowship with like minded individuals and personal leadership growth.

President Michelle gave Mary Lou her club pin and all welcomed Kiwanian Mary Lou into the club with applause. More hands to do more Kiwanis service.


L to R: PP Gord Harris and K Mary Lou Brown

Below: L to R: K Scott, P Michelle, K Mary Lou and PP Gord

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Many of you may have noticed our latest Kiwanis banner. It is on display behind DP Bob's picture above. Calling all lost aprons! Please return our food committee aprons from your trunk or clothes dryer to President Michelle. We'd like to get this all tied up...

Care and Concern!

K Don King is currently having problems with his immune system and is wisely keeping a low profile. K Ted Horton is in our thoughts as he faces his health challenges. If a member has not been out to a meeting lately, give them a call. Everyone likes to be remembered.


A Fine Time!

K Steve Sired was our Fines Master. PP Don Sweatman paid $10 for enjoying a 23 day vacation in Portugal. K Paul Matthies was fined $5 for enjoying a 4 week vacation in Texas.  Apparently staying on the North American Continent saved him some money! Everyone was fined a Loonie for being properly educated to not use our club aprons for cooking or work party related tasks.

K Dennis Kefalas said that he was still waiting for winter and that he has enjoyed the warm climate of Owen Sound compared to Yellowknife where he used to live.  Everyone was assessed a 25 cent fine because K Dennis is so pleased to be living in Southern Ontario and we are happy to have him in our Club.