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February 18

Family Day

Cobble Beach


February 21

Food Committee



Community Living


February 26

Board Meeting

Community Living

5;30 p.m.

All members are welcome to audit the meeting.


February 27



February 28

Dinner Meeting


June 21

Kiwanis Golf Tournament




Don Sweatman 20

Tim Sobie 20

Heather Pierson 24


March Birthdays

Gord Harris 1

Penny Garvin 5

Bill Sornberger 26

Suzanne Rutherford 29


Upcoming Conferences

ECC District Convention

Stratford Ontario

May 16- 18th

Your registration will be paid should you wish to drive down.


Kiwanis International


Mickey Mouse

Orlando, Florida

June 27-30th

The Builder for February 14th

Kiwanian Penny Garvin and K Michael Rutherford were on door duty, welcoming a total of 26 people to our Valentines Day luncheon today. President Michelle Kobryn wielded the gavel and extended good wishes to everyone in attendance. K Scott Lovell delivered several Valentine's Day jokes that brought a smile to faces all around.

PP Don Sweatman introduced his wife Karen. DP Bob Miller was accompanied by his wife Ann. Secretary Tim Sobie dined with his wife Heather. Board Member Paul Matthies was pleased to be with his wife Linda and K Mike Rutherford escorted his wife Suzanne. Also in attendance were Honorary K Ann Kelly and PP Jed Phillips with his wife Jane.


Dear Jane...

Jane Phillips kept the club in stitches with the Dear Abby letters written about several club members. They were created with PLG Linda van Aalst. Jane's theatre experience came in handy as the advice was dispensed and laughter ensued.

PP Jed Phillips and Jane with photobomb by

K Jim McManaman


Wishing Them Well!

K Warren Elder is doing much better post surgery, however, his wife Linda broke her kneecap…Ouch! K Don King is doing well as healing is coming along. Tim Brown’s partner Marci is “all clear” after her surgery.


A Fine Time!

PP Andy Drury and PP Gord Harris were fined for an amazing three week motorcycle trip through New Zealand. Andy coughed up $20 for the two of them. Travis lightened his load by $5 for 5 days of rain in Mexico. Rain in Mexico sounds suspicious... Bob Miller confessed to 3 days at Blue Mountain for his and Ann’s Birthdays. He was fined $2. PP Elwood Moore confessed that although he didn’t have a confession, he could use a ride home. PP Don Sweatman offered to help him out for a mere $1.00

With lots of laughter, Michelle drew the meeting to a close with a quote from Fred Rogers, “There are 3 ways to ultimate success. Be kind. Be kind. Be kind.”