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Tuesday, July 8th


Board Meeting


July 17th


Round Table

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August 7th

GT Cycle


September 4th

GT Cycle


The Builder for July 3rd, 2014

There was a round table gathering of 8 Kiwanians for Thursday's luncheon at Stonetree Golf and Fitness Club. After a busy week at our Kiwanis Sk8 and Bike Park and our Kiwanis Kitchen at Kelso for Canada Day, it was enjoyable to just sit together and socialize. From now through to September our meetings will be round tables. They may occur off site with more information to follow.


It's a Beautiful Thing!

Photo by PP Kevin Dandeno

We can take pride in knowing that this park

is free for children of all ages to enjoy.

Kiwanians, families, City officials and spectators gathered for the Grand Opening of our Kiwanis Sk8 and Bike Park. Free tee shirts and lunch were provided for the children of all ages who brought bikes, skateboards and scooters to their new park.


Cha Ching!

Past President John Prettie presented a cheque for $200 to President Gord Harris, as a contribution to our Sk8 and Bike Park. PP John and his Breakfast Club friends decided to donate their recent collections to our club. We thank them for their generosity.


Photo by: PP John Prettie

The Builders' Club at Notre Dame School, through their fundraising efforts this year made a donation of $300 toward our MNT campaign. Our Kiwanis advisor, Kiwanian Susan Davey is proud of the work done by this energetic group of young citizens. Our MNT rep, DS Julia Levine, received it on behalf of the Kiwanis Foundation of Canada.