The Builder March 10th

A Fine Time!

The 23 Kiwanians and three guests were present for lunch at Stone Tree this week.

K Susan Davey's guest was Carolyn Bigley, K. Russ Pierson brought Frank Burnett and PP Andy hosted Kerry Lee.

Our Mystery Greeter this week was K Rebecca Mills. The Tardy Tally Twosome who failed to shake her hand was K Ted Horton and PLG Linda van Aalst.

K Kevin Dandeno confessed to his Kiwanis Cruise vacation to the Caribbean. PP Jed Phillips and his wife Jane traveled to Collingwood for some musical entertainment. Speaking of entertainment, K Ted's feet are still dancing from his trip to Toronto to see Billy Elliott. Was that K Gabe doing a Mexican hat dance? We're not sure...


Happy Loonie Days!

K Stu Luckhardt paid $5 to commemorate his 5th Great Grandchild “Liam”. PP Andy Drury paid a happy toonie because he is not a Great-Grandad and another toonie because March 11th was his wedding anniversary. Congratulations Cathy and PP Andy!

Speaker's Corner!


PP Jed and K Ted rolled out the team concept for our Membership Drive....The Power of One! PP Jed introduced the four Team Captains: K Ted, K Gord Harris, PP Don Sweatman and K Sean McMurray.  Each received a Team One baseball cap. Go Team!

K Ted outlined the membership drive from now to the end of Sept 2011. The team with the most signed up new Kiwanians by end of Sept 2011will win a prize. The Kiwanian with the most new guests signed up wins a trip to Las Vegas courtesy of K Ted. The Kiwanian with the most new guests signed up per month wins a prize as well.

This is an exciting challenge. Make your Team Captain proud and bring a potential member to lunch. Don't sit on the bench....Play ball!

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

PLG Linda, our very own television personality on Rogers TV, is currently hosting a show entitled “Grey County Life”. PLG Linda has graciously arranged for the Kiwanis Club of Owen Sound to participate in a segment each week highlighting Kiwanis and how we help children and our community. What a fantastic opportunity to promote what we do! Thanks PLG Linda.

All aBoard!

Would you like to help out the club? We are in need of volunteers to sit on our Board. There is one meeting a month. The discussions are lively, the snacks aren't bad and you have an opportunity to help steer our club. If you might be interested, give IPG Gary Levine a call: 519-376-4074 or speak with President Bob. All aBoard!