The Builder for April 20th

There were 12 Kiwanians in attendance at our dinner at the Inn on the Bay, along with four guests. Kiwanians were greeted by K Fred Druyf, PP Gord Harris and his wife Elizabeth. We also welcomed PP Andrew Drury's wife, Karen. We congratulate them on their recent wedding.


President Elect Don Sweatman was wielding the gavel on behalf of President Susan Davey. He asked PP Gord Harris to lead us in the Builder's Song.  PPPE Don Sweatman led O Canada and he also gave the invocation. PP Elwood Moore was the recipient of the lucky draw ticket.


Speaker's Corner!

Jessica Misener was accompanied by her mother, Fiona to our dinner meeting.

We had the opportunity to hear about her church trip to Nicaragua. She wished to thank our club for supporting her financially, helping to make the trip possible.


A Fine Time!

PP Gord Harris was the Fines Master for this evening's meeting. Sheriff Gord fined PPPE Don Sweatman for not ringing the gong to start the fines session. He again fined PE Don for asking Kiwanians to assess their own  fines, noting it is the fines masters job to do so. PPPE Don Sweatman was fined for a ski trip. All in all, it was truly a fine time for PE Don.

K Linda Gignac was fined for her trip to Florida. K Linda enjoyed her time in the south since January. K Sean McMurray was pinched for his trip as well. PP Andrew Drury paid the honeymoon tax for his trip to Victoria BC. K Fred Druyf was tuned up for his trip to Florida and his motorcycle rides while there.


Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

PP Gord Harris informed us that the washroom construction at Whispering Pines Washroom addition is going well and the new windows in the pavilion have been installed.

The Divisional Caucus meeting will be held on April 29th starting at 10 a.m. at the Barrie Kiwanis Club House (Suite 549 at 80 Bradford St, Barrie). All Kiwanians are most welcome to attend.