The Builder for April  21st

There were 17 Kiwanians and one guest, Rick Hill, at our dinner meeting held at the Best Western, Inn on the Bay. PE Susan Davey and K Paul Matthies were our greeters and attendance takers. President Bill Sornberger wielded the gavel, asking PG Gary Levine to lead us in the Builders Song and O Canada. This was followed by DP Bob Miller offering a toast to the Queen on her 90th birthday. PP Andy Drury was the lucky number draw winner this week.


Speaker's Corner!

PLG Linda van Aalst, one of our two Community Living Foundation Board K reps along with K Joanne Horton, introduced Rick Hill, Executive Director of Community Living

We welcomed Rick Hill to our meeting today from Community Living, one of our local community partners. Rick has been the Executive Director in Owen Sound for 12 years. The organization began in 1954 and has evolved to employing 150 people in support of 300 adults and 400 children. As society has become more inclusive, Community Living efforts have evolved.

Community Living makes a huge difference in the lives of those they help by sponsoring individuals to attend camp or to go on a vacation, through educational bursaries for those leaving high school, by their public awareness campaigns and in their financial contributions for individuals in the registered disability support plan.

President Bill presented Rick with a thank you certificate and a Kiwanis pen.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

FunFood Chair Michelle Kobryn was pleased to report that the RBW tourney and the Grey Roots pancake event grossed approximately $2000. The committee has made a decision to delay the Kiwanis Kitchen's use in the future until after the Whispering Pines water is turned on. Please sign up on the work schedule for July 1st.


DS Julia thanked the many Kiwanians who volunteered at the Music Festival this year. We remind all Kiwanians that the award's night is May 2nd at Alliance Church beginning at 7 p.m. The cost at the door is $5.00. Come out and see how your Kiwanis donations are supporting our local young talent.


DP Paul Strimas thanked K Ted Horton for all of his help in securing a Ford F350 truck for Whispering Pines. K Ted drove down to pick up the truck and took it to the parking lot so that many at lunch could view it. PP Paul also announced that WP's opening will be delayed by one week due to letting the property dry out. The season will be extended by one week in the fall to make up for the change to residents. The campground has been surveyed in preparation for fencing the property.


RT Gail Norris let us know that she attended an interclub with the Meaford Kiwanis Club last week. With her as well were PLG Linda, DP Bob Miller and K Stew Andrew. Meaford is the little club that could, continuing to do good work for their community and hoping to entice new members in the Meaford area to join them.


PG Gary, Formula Growth Chair for E. C. & C. organized a club counsellor conference held in Toronto from April 22-24. There were 85 Kiwanian attendees from as far away as Newfoundland, Saskatoon and Jamaica enthusiastic participating in a variety of club stengthening activities. The wonderful feedback received made all of PG Gary's

hardwork, worthwhile.