Upcoming Dates!


April 10th

Board Meeting

Community Living

7 p.m.

Any club member is welcome to attend.


April 18th

Luncheon Meeting

Program TBA


April 22nd

Terrific Kids

Earth Day

Dufferin School



PP Dufferin Don


April 30th

Terrific Kids

Keppel Sarawak

9 a.m.

President Gord

will attend


May 25th

Kiwanis Yard Sale

Your Trash becomes Our Cash

8 a.m. til noon


April Birthdays


K Kids

5-Susan Kirk

6-Peter Little

7-Paul Matthies

9-Liz Harris

13-Linda Gignac

23-Flavian Quiquero

24-Gabe Nowak

30-Bert Hood


50/50 Draw Winner!

PP Clarke McCleod


He graciously donated his $25.00 to the Eliminate fund thus saving the lives of twelve new born babies.

The Builder for April 4th, 2013

There were twenty-six Kiwanians, along with Leslie Holmes, a guest of K Susan Davey, present at our Stonetree lunch meeting today. President Gord Harris greeted members with a rousing gong. K Paul Matthies and K Reg Martin were our front of house greeters. K Steve Sired was invited to read the Objects of Kiwanis with all others heartily chiming in. PP Jed Phillips led us in a spirited song selection.


K Michelle Kobryn was our mystery greeter for the day. A few tardy Kiwanians were duly fined for not shaking her hand. It is good to see that K Michelle is developing a spritely walk following her knee surgery.


Our thoughts go out to K Dennis Hertz as he, too, has been facing similar medical difficulties. President Gord relates that K Dennis hopes to get out to a meeting again soon. As well, we understand PLG Linda Van Aalst was enjoying a root canal in Barrie at the time of our meeting. Say ah....


An election was held at our luncheon meeting to fill a recently vacated Board position. PP Kevin Dandeno and K John Cottrill stood for election for the Board position. K Marion Koepke and PP Peter Little were our scrutineers to count the ballots. PG Gary Levine conducted the election as protocol officer. K John is welcomed onto the Board for his first meeting next week. Our thanks goes to PP Kevin for offering to serve again on the Board.


In May, (date to be decided by the Board) there will be an election of officers for the 2013-2014 Board of Directors. PG Gary is looking for members who would like to have their name stand for election. He will appreciate it if you would e-mail him your intention to run...if not, you may be receiving a phone call...

The Spot the Error contest winner from our Builder from one month ago was Secretary Marion Koepke. She knew that the flags were reversed. Honourable mention goes out to K Stew Andrew and PP Dizzy Dufferin Don Sweatman for their submissions.


Speakers Corner


PP John Prettie, PP Jed Phillips and PP Don Sweatman represented the Membership committee in leading us in a lively discussion of the problems, pitfalls and possibilities of membership growth and retention.


There was a good discussion surrounding the reasons why some members may not stay with the club. Member engagement is a vital component to retention. It is determined that the more information a potential member has before joining, the greater the chance is that they will remain.


It was noted that we have maintained our club numbers at about the 60 member level for sometime now. It was stressed that it is important for member sponsors to take an active role, after the induction, to make sure the new member feels welcome and that he or she is meaningfully engaged in our Kiwanis club.


It was noted that some have a limited time to give and that should also be respected. We encourage everyone to do what they can. There may be several opportunities this summer for members to pitch in at our new food trailer which should be arriving sometime in May.


Upcoming Events!


You are reminded to tell your family and friends to look for clutter in their homes that could be donated to turn into cash at our Second Annual Kiwanis Yard Sale. It is being held at Whispering Pines on May 25th. Treasurer Paul Kirk will begin to accept items up at MicroAge starting on May 1st.


A Fine Time!


Several members were assessed fines due to their travels south. K Ted Horton donated $25.00 to our Eliminate fund in honour of his vacation in Arizona. Two sailing trips netted K Steve an $8.00 fine while PG Gary and K Julia were assessed $10.00 for their time in Florida.


K Jim McManaman (a.k.a. "tree guy") rose to his feet to report that PG Gary fled their Christmas tree meeting leaving Chair Jim in the lurch for his luncheon tab of 42 cents. No wooden nickels for this Kiwanian...


It was later learned that PG Gary was rescuing his stranded wife who was in her car with a dead battery....on her way to conduct a funeral. This is way too easy a target for deadly puns so I will just let that lie...