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February 20th


No Board Meeting this month.


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Bayview School

February 27th

DP Bob Miller


Dufferin School

Thursday, Feb. 27 2:25 p.m. Pink Shirt Day


PP Don Sweatman


Keppel Sarawak

February 28


DS Julia Levine

The Builder for February 2014

On February 6th 2014, thirteen Kiwanians met at Stone Tree Golf and Fitness Club for lunch. They were warmly greeted by K Paul Matthies and K Susan Davey. Don't forget our next meeting on February 20th.

Speaker's Corner!


Our luncheon guest speaker was Alice Wannan, who is the Director of Community and Family Services with the Salvation Army.  Alice spoke to us about the needs of our community and the many who use the Salvation Army's Food Bank.  The Salvation Army is part of the Ontario Association of Food Banks. 

In January of 2013, Alice started The Dignity Project where clients now are able to visit a grocery room, accompanied with a Salvation Army volunteer, and select what food items they need based on their family size.  In the past food baskets were given out and Alice found that some of the food was tossed aside because the client or family members may not want all that was in the basket.  The Dignity Projects gets the right food to the right client.


Hear Ye! Hear Ye!


PLG Gail Norris joined us at our February luncheon for the first time in seven months. We were thrilled to see her again and doing so well. It was our lucky day and hers, as she was the winner of a Kiwanis shirt in our special number auction.


PP John Prettie's wife, Val, is slowly recovering from her back problems. Joanne Horton and her new son Bodhi are both healthy and enjoying family time. K Phil Gignac is facing more medical procedures and we are wishing him well.

A Fine Time!


PP Andy Drury confessed to two excursions to Toronto and to London. PLG Linda Van Aalst celebrated the visit of several snowmobile groups stopping by her home for refreshments. K Ted Horton was happy to donate to the cause due to the arrival of his first grandson.


A Tip of the Hat!


A special thank you goes out to our Fundraising Committee Chair Doug Cleverley and his Kiwanis team and partners for putting on another enjoyable Super Bowl event this year.