Dates to Remember!


February 8th

Food Committee Meeting

February 8th at 5:30

Community Living Building

All members are most welcome to come out and join in planning for the year ahead!


February 16th

Valentine's Dinner

Bring your better half and enjoy the fellowship of our Kiwanis club.


There is no Board meeting this month.


Birthdays for February

Ann Miller 3

Bob Miller 9

Judy Druyf 12

Rosalie Moore 19

Don Sweatman 20

Heather Pierson 24


February Sweethearts

Dave and Ruth Parsons - 15th!

The Builder for February 2nd, 2017

K Paul Matthies and K Stew Andrew greeted 16 Kiwanians and

one guest at our luncheon held at the Best Western Inn on the Bay. We were pleased to welcome our speaker, Richard Thomas. Past President President Elect Don Sweatman wielded the gavel in President Susan Davey's absence. She is enjoying the southern sunshine. PPP Don led us in the Objects of Kiwanis. K Stew was the fortunate lucky number draw winner.


Speaker's Corner!

K Travis Dodd introduced our speaker, Richard Thomas, a fellow City Councillor.

Richard gave us wonderful account of his 10 day vacation in Antarctica with lots pictures and commentary.

He flew to the south end of South America and took a ship, about the size of the Chi-Cheemaun, across 1000 km of ocean to the Shetland Islands and then on to the main frozen land.

L to R: K Jim McManaman thanks our guest speaker, Richard Thomas

Wildlife seen included penguins, seals, sea lions, leopard seals and humpback whales.  Most notable were the penguin colonies.

They went on 16 adventure excursions in 10 days using zodiac rafts piloted by scientists, who were able to describe in great detail all that was being seen. The sun never set while he was there, but twilight occurred for about an hour around 3 am.

On one particular adventure they slept outside, without tents. Brrr!

Richard said the air was fresh, the sky was dramatic, all tempered by the weather was spectacular. There was extraordinary very quiet except when glaciers were calving into the sea. K Jim McManaman thanked Richard.


A Fine Time and Happy Times!

K Stew was the Acting K Sherriff for our lunchtime confessions. DP Bob Miller paid two toonies for his six day vacation skiing at Whistler, one day at Cyprus Bowl and one day of cross country skiing at Olympic Park. K Ted Horton paid a fine for arriving after the meeting started.

K Don King received his father’s Kiwanis Ring and donated $20 for that honour. K Joanne Horton paid a happy toonie for taking her son to Ripley’s Aquarium and the R.O.M. PP Kevin Dandeno paid a happy toonie for going to a concert in Toronto. K Ron Hassard paid as well to acknowledge another trip to Guelph to see his new granddaughter. K Doug Cleverley was pleased to attend his girlfriend’s grandson’s first birthday.


Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

PPPE Don through PP Kevin reminded us that the Kiwanis Festival is not far off. DS Julia will notify you when you are able to volunteer to help. Several members and spouses were a huge help to the Festival last year.

AP Don asked that Kiwanians note that each month there is one luncheon on the first Thursday and one dinner meeting on the third Thursday. Please mark their calendars accordingly.