The Builder for January 10th, 2019

President Michelle Kobryn welcomed twenty-one Kiwanians to our first luncheon held in 2019 at the Inn on the Bay. Our door greeters were Board member Paul Matthies and K Penny Garvin.

The Invocation was delivered by PP Jack Tweddle. The Objects of Kiwanis was read by K Steve Sired and he was also the lucky number draw winner.

Board member Russ Pierson was our Mystery Greeter and advised Fine Master Scott Lovell that only K Ted Horton did not shake his hand.  K Ted generously donated $5 to the fine box.

Get to Know Our Newest Members!

We are excited to welcome two new members to our Kiwanis Club. Alice Wannan and Colleen Trask Seaman were introduced by PP Gord Harris.

K Stew Andrew presented the builder aprons. He spoke about the Kiwanis name and what it means.

President Michelle gave out the information kits, Club pins and K hats. She is thrilled to see two enthusiastic volunteers joining our club.

Colleen Trask Seaman

Colleen Trask Seaman was born in Palmerston, Ontario and raised at Chesley Lake Camp in Allenford. Colleen married her high school sweetheart, Andy Seaman,  after they both completed university. They have been married for 13 years. They adopted two children, Matt (23) and Brayden (9). She currently works as the Executive Director at OSHaRE, and the Assistant Manager at Chesley Lake Camp. She enjoys music, spending time with family and friends and volunteering with different charities. 

K Alice Wannan, President Michelle Kobryn and K Colleen Trask Seaman

Photos by: Sec. Tim Sobie

Alice Wannan

Alice Wannan was born and raised in Chesley Ontario and attended Conestoga College in Kitchener for Early Childhood Education. In 1990 she moved to Owen Sound and began her family. 

Alice is the Community and Family Services Director in Owen Sound and has enjoyed 28 years of working with The Salvation Army. 

Her husband Drew is a local business owner also in Owen Sound. She is mom to Tyler (22), Alexis (18), Marissa (14) and mom to Connor who passed away at the age of 16 months.

When not working Alice enjoys renos. Yes renos!  She loves envisioning change and then making it happen. She enjoys photography, scrapbooking memories, and making more memories while travelling ....usually somewhere very warm. 

She loves to entertain family and friends in their home - but looks forward to also cheering on their hometown OHL Owen Sound Attack!

“If you are too busy to laugh’re too busy”

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Congratulations to all those on the Christmas tree committee, chaired by K Jim McManaman, and to the many Kiwanians who worked on our tree lot. Our Christmas trees were sold out by December 22,  2018. A very merry Christmas indeed!

This year’s Golf Tournament Committee, chaired by K Warren Elder has set the date for our next swing the sticks event to be held on June 21st at the Stone Tree golf course.  The cost is set at $125/player.

While DS Julia is south, there is the need for a club representative to hand out our awards at Keppel Sarawak School's Terrific Kids assemblies. PP Bob Miller has agreed to attend the TK assembly on January 24. Thank you to DP Bob for his support of this wonderful program!

A Blast from the Past!

The Potato Club needs a Kiwanian to represent our Club. Our participation was established years ago by PP Arnold Kuhl in association with the Desboro Fall Fair.

First. there was the frog jumping contest. Tragedy unfolded due to an errant participant's energetic stomp to urge their frog forward. Frogs legs anyone?

Then there was the judging of the most realistic sheep bleating contest. Apparently Julia didn't know what a real sheep bleat sounds like and participants take this quite seriously. She almost got fleeced.

Lastly was the spouse calling contest. timed as to how quickly your spouse would come from wherever they were on the grounds when they heard their partner call for them. The quickest respondent took home the coveted trophy.

For a year, I endured the ringing of a bell from PP Gary's office to gauge my timely response. Expletives ensued...

A Fine Time!

President Michelle appealed to PLG Linda Van Aalst because K Scott Lovell did not have his K apron available this week so that the names of Kiwanian present at the meeting who did not sign his apron could be fined.  After a lot of friendly banter PLG Linda fined PP Gord Harris and K Travis Dodd 25 cents each for being K Scott’s Counsellors.

K Penny Garvin gave this fine some thought and realized she did not bring her apron to a meeting after the required 3 meetings were up.  She paid $2 for this infraction.

Cake with Confetti Falling Animated Clipart

Upon hearing that it was K Flo Sired’s Birthday today DP Bob Miller appealed to PLG Linda to assess whether or not President Michelle should have announced K Flo’s Birthday earlier in the meeting.  PLG Linda agreed and a Loonie was taken from President Michelle.

K Ted Horton confessed to a trip to the Toronto General Hospital for heart related problems.  Fine Master Scott assessed each member present to pay in appreciation for the fact that K Ted was with us today.

K Travis Dodd confessed to a three day trip to Montreal and was assessed fine of cinq dolleurs.

PLG Linda Van Aalst paid a happy toonie because the K Christmas Party was well attended and everyone had a great time.

K Colleen Trask-Seaman confessed to taking her family and parents to Disney World, Florida in December.  Being new to the Club she was asked to pay only $2.