Dates to Remember!

Board Meeting

January 23

6 p.m.

Community Living

Members are always welcome to audit the meeting.



January 24th


Luncheon Meeting

January 25

Inn on the Bay



Andy Foster

Literacy Partnership


February 8

Luncheon Meeting


February 22

Luncheon Meeting


February 26

Board Meeting


Eastern Canada and Caribbean Convention

Montego Bay

May 17-19


Kiwanis International


Las Vegas

July 28-30


January Birthdays

Susan Davey 4

Flo Sired 10

Joanne Horton 8

Kelly Haefling 24



None to report


The Builder for January 11th, 2018

There were 18 Kiwanians and one guest in attendance at our first luncheon of the year. All were warmly greeted by Treasurer Fred Druyf and Board Member Paul Matthies. They welcomed back Past President John McLachlan as our guest speaker.

In President Don Sweatman's absence, Past President Peter Little wielded the gavel for today's meeting. He was in fine voice as he led everyone in the Builder's Song and O Canada. Board Member Russ Pierson recited the Objects of Kiwanis. Past President Jack Tweddle was the lucky winner of the draw.

Speaker's Corner!

K Steve Sired introduced the Grey County Kiwanis Music Festival Chair, John McLachlan.

John thanked the club for being a leading sponsor of the festival for 86 years. He shared information about the adjudicators, the awards granted to many deserving students and the value of striving for excellence.

Image result for john mclachlan kiwanis music festival

Festival Chair John McLachlan

John indicated that it is hard to find volunteers to help year round as well as during the festival.  It is equally difficult to raise money; roughly $35,000 per year is required to keep it running. K Russ Pierson, who also sits on the festival board along with K Fred, further emphasized the dire need for volunteers.

Please mark your calendars for the festival from April 2nd to the 13th. Let K Russ know your willingness to volunteer on the door, as adjudicator clerk or platform organizer. There are many mornings, afternoons or evenings to choose from. It is an amazing service project. 

PP Susan Davey thanked John for his presentation and all the hard work he has voluntarily given to keep the festival running smoothly.

A Fine Time!

K Steve Sired was the fines master. He yielded the gavel back to PP Peter Little while he confessed to an extended vacation in Florida with K Flo.

With the gavel back in L Steve’s possession, PP Peter confessed that he was in Florida [Siesta Key, Sarasota} for the month of November. 

DP Bob Miller confessed that he and Ann went to Niagara Falls to see the frozen falls and the lights and glitter of the city.  While the American Falls were mostly frozen the Canadian side was still free falling.  The lights were great!

PLG Linda Van Aalst confessed to going to London, Ontario for New Year’s Eve and found the highway travel to be quite horrendous but they made it home safely.

K Ted Horton was assessed a fine by FM Steve for wearing K Ted Stevenson’s name badge so while he was on his feet K Ted confessed that he and Candy took in a hockey game in Toronto.

PP Gord paid a happy toonie to thank everyone who helped make the Santa Claus parade a success and who contributed the many hours needed to sell Christmas trees as well as set up and tear down.

PP Elwood Moore regaled us with a story brought back to his memory when PP John mentioned giving out first prized awards.  We all found the story amusing and Steve fined all of us 25 cents for the privilege of hearing it!

PP Susan Davey paid a happy toonie for bragging rights of celebrating her January 4th Birthday will dinner at Wiarton.

Care and Concern

We were greatly saddened by the loss of our fellow club member, Kiwanian Lorne Rich, on December 30th. We will miss his smile and his laughter. He was true gentleman and friend.

PP Gord Harris reported that K Don King has gone through all of his treatments and seems to be responding well; he is starting to feel better.

As a new year begins, please reach out to a Kiwanian you have not seen in a while.