August 4

InnĀ on the Bay Luncheon


August 18 Luncheon Meeting

Inn on the Bay

Speaker TBA


August 23

Board meeting

5 Yr. Strategic Plan

Community Living

6 p.m.


September 1

Kiwanis Social p.m.

Home of K Fred Druyf to ring out the summer break


September 13

Board meeting

Whispering Pines

Park Planning



September 15

Inn on the Bay



Induction Dinner

September 29th

Inn on the Bay

to induct P Susan Davey and her Board. Thanking our outgoing Board and President Bill.


   July Birthdays

Kees van Aalst 8

Lorne Rich 23

Ruth Parsons 24

Gilbert Howey 28

Michelle Kobryn 31


July Anniversaries

Margie & Clarke McLeod 3


The Builder for July 21st

The Kiwanis Playground at Harrison Park was the site for our Kiwanis gathering on Thursday evening. Seventeen Kiwanians and sixteen guests joined together for fun and fellowship in the picnic shelter nearby.


President Bill Sornberger manned the grills, braving the heat to prepare our hamburgers and hotdogs. Kiwanians brought fresh salads and delicious desserts to tempt us all. We were joined by guests of Honorary K Ann Kelly, Mike and Cheryl, from as far away as Scotland. We were pleased to welcome partners and children of Kiwanians, as well.


In the Swing of Things

The picnic allowed our club the opportunity to observe our newest donation of playground equipment, the parent/ child swing. Throughout the evening, we saw many families trying out the new swing set.

The idea for a swing, where the child faces the adult as they move together, came forward to the Board from Past President Kevin Dandeno. The City of Owen Sound installed it just last week so the timing of the picnic was perfect. In speaking with parents using the swing with their wee ones, it was given a big thumbs up, proving to be a great hit with both young and old. Thanks PP Kevin for the great suggestion!


A Special Recognition

President Bill had the pleasure to award PP Kevin Dandeno with the 100th Kiwanis Anniversary pin in honour of his service to the club beyond that of having served as a past president. For several years, PP Kevin sat on the Festival Board as Chair and currently is on the Board of Directors for our club. PP Kevin is truly an active club member.


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We are fortunate that many Kiwanis partners continue to contribute to our service projects. Bernice Ackermann attended our picnic at the park so we were able to take advantage of her presence to recognize her 27 years of volunteering with our Kiwanis Music Festival. Bernice received a small token of appreciation for her willingness to help each year. She is looking forward to assisting again during our festival next year, which runs from April 3 - 13th. We hope many Kiwanians will help with a shift next year.


We are also very pleased to announce that Board Member Russ Pierson and K Fred Druyf, who were festival volunteers already, have offered to sit on the Festival Board as our Kiwanis representatives. We thank them for their willingness to serve on behalf of the club.