July 10th

Board Meeting

7 p.m.


July 18th

Stonetree Luncheon

Program: TBA


July 19th - 20th

Blue Grass Festival

Kitchen Crew needed!


August 16-17

  1. E.C. & C. District

Convention in Peterborough

  1. Tall Ships
  2. Camp Quality BBQ
  3. Motorcycle Rally


We need all hands on deck to cover all of our commitments this weekend.


50/50 Winner

K Russ Pierson


The Builder for the 4th of July!


There were thirteen Kiwanians present at our luncheon at Stone Tree Golf and Fitness Club on Thursday. Members were greeted at the reception desk by K Paul Matthies and Builder's Club Advisor K Susan Davey. We were led in our Kiwanis song by PP John Prettie. We wish K Phil Gignac well as he continues with his treatments and hope that PP John McLachlan is an able assistant for his wife Karen as she had a nasty fall breaking bones in both feet.


President Gord and Treasurer Paul attended the Kiwanis International Convention in Vancouver as our club delegates. They spoke about their experiences and ideas that were encountered at various workshops and in the House of Delegates.


Hear Ye! Hear Ye!


Club committee chairs are asked to forward donor names to Secretary Stew so that we may invite key donors to our Whispering Pines Corn Roast on August 29th as a thank you for their continued support.


Our Kiwanis Club Kitchen trailer made its debut at Kelso Park for Canada Day. A great Kiwanis Team served many hungry diners and we are likely to show a tidy profit in the range of $1500. There were fireworks with our generator and in the night skies...Oos and ahs all around.


On June 22nd, an early bird crack Kiwanis team fed our campers at Whispering Pines. It is our way each year of saying thank you to our loyal guests. Over 150 plates of pancakes and sausages were served with nary a yawn in the bunch.


Our June social was a roaring success at K Ted and Candy Horton's beautiful shoreside resort. Many thanks to PP John Prettie for taking time during our social to take some "shots" of our shenanigans. The music provided by K Belinda Bowler's husband Brian Tannahill and the food created by K Rebecca Mills was enjoyed by one and all.