The Builder for June 13th

Kiwanians Paul Matthies and Penny Garvin greeted 19 Kiwanians at the door of our luncheon held at the Best Western, Inn on the Bay in Owen Sound. K Paul was the lucky card draw winner of the Maple Syrup. How sweet it is!

President Michelle wielded the gavel and let us know of several members' absences. DP Bob Miller and PP Jack Tweddle were presently under the weather. K Ted Horton is open to short visits only at the hospital due to his weakened condition. Secretary Tim Sobey had an unfortunate accident with his finger at work. A slice of life...

Members wore our new magnetic name badges today. No more clipons!

P Michelle presented Past International Trustee Gary Levine with the Gold Medal for Membership Growth. PP Jim Rochford awarded the certificate, pin and medal for Gary's dedication to club opening and membership recruitment.

He has opened more than 30 clubs in 19 Districts. They are started from the ground up over a three day period. It takes a dedicated team of volunteers to accomplish that task.

Speaker's Corner!

P Michelle introduced Past IT Gary to our club. He was born in Minnesota, raised in California and Manitoba, attended University in Alberta and Drama School in London England. Gary has been a professional actor, tv producer and now owns a website and video production company.

Gary spoke of his club opening experiences. He stressed the need for a continued focus on growth at the International level and believes that must be a prerequisite for those leading our organization. That is why he has chosen to run in Orlando for the position of Vice President.

Mickey Mouse

Delegates from around the world will be voting. Our club delegates are P Michelle and K Paul Kirk. The person elected on June 28th will become International President in 2021/2022.

P Michelle presented a donation to Team Levine Finance

Chair Paul Kirk. A huge THANK YOU to the club for helping with the campaign expenses.

PP Dave Parsons shared his experiences working for Ray Allen's campaign. Apparently there was quite a poster hanging and overhanging contest...

Left to Right: Campaign Finance Chair Paul Kirk. P Michelle Kobryn and

Past IT Gary Levine

P Michelle presented a bouquet of flowers to DS Julia Levine for her support of Gary for his efforts to improve our organization.

We wish Gary well in the upcoming election.

Thank you goes out to the nine Kiwanians who helped on Saturday at the wood chopping work party.

P Michelle pointed out a number of volunteer activities over the next two weeks. The dates are listed at the side. Please let her know if you can help out.