The Builder for June 16th

Our luncheon meeting was held at the Best Western Inn on the Bay with 13 Kiwanians and four guests in attendance. DS Julia Levine welcomed our Honorary Kiwanian and Club Historian, Ann Kelly. PP Andy Drury introduced his girlfriend, Karen Conley. President Bill Sornberger welcomed our speaker Mitchell Hendry and his mother, Linda to our meeting. All were greeted warmly at the door by PE Susan Davey and K Paul Matthies.


PLG Linda was the joyful recipient of the lucky number draw, having made it to our meeting after attending the Community Living AGM where she was once again chosen as their Chair. It is fitting that she was rewarded for her dedication.


The Kiwanis Club of Owen Sound

Makes a Difference!

Kiwanis Club of Owen Sound members gathered at the site of Chapman House to present a cheque for $125, 000 to Residential Hospice of Grey Bruce Executive Director Scott Lovell. The money donated will provide the necessary funds to include a Kiwanis children's playroom at the hospice.

Speaker's Corner!

DS Julia was proud to introduce our speaker, Mitchell Hendry, a Grade 12 student, Co-Student Council President and articulate advocate for his peers at OSCVI.

Mitchell shared the saga that resulted in the decision to close OSCVI, a high school built at its current site just 16 years ago.

Mitchell told of the extreme disappointment and disenfranchisement the students felt when the decision to disband OSCVI, a school established in 1856 with a long and illustrious history, was made by the Board. While the students and parents, acquired the necessary signatures for the Province to examine the legitimacy of the path taken, the school closure continues.

Past President Andy Drury thanked our speaker on behalf of the club, presenting him with a certificate and Kiwanis bookmark with the OSCVI Falcon logo. We appreciate the effort Mitchell has made on behalf of his fellow classmates as he stepped up to this challenge.


Hear ye! Hear ye!

In the spirit of stepping up, PP Don Sweatman has graciously offered to step into the President's chair in 2017/2018. PLG Linda van Aalst made the motion to endorse PP Don's candidacy and International Trustee Gary Levine heartily seconded the motion. PP Don will celebrate 30 years of club membership in 2018, some 20 years after being our President.

PP Don has remained active and enthusiastic about Kiwanis and we thank him for his willingness to serve! He and PE Susan are looking forward to working together.

PD Don Sweatman and PE Susan Davey have been appointed by the Board as our official delegates to the KI convention in Toronto. They will attend workshops and the House of Delegates on our behalf.