The Builder for June 5th, 2014

Twenty-four Kiwanians gathered in the decorated party tent at Stonetree Golf and Country Club for our AGM, chaired by President Gord Harris. K Paul Matthies and K Susan Davey were the collectors of coin and attendance slips. Major David Kennedy from the Salvation Army was the guest of Distinguished President Bob Miller.


PP Kevin Dandeno read the Objects of Kiwanis. He also led us in a questionable song... Our lucky draw winner was PP Dave Parsons. PLG Gail Norris gave a brief update about the Charlottetown E.C. and C. Convention. Treasurer Paul Kirk brought us an update on our financial situation.


K Paul Strimas and Manager of our Whispering Pines Campground announced that 92% of the camper fees have already been collected. Due to the extreme snow conditions and wet spring, water issues were a concern. That appears to have been rectified.


WP Chair Steve Sired related that a meeting was held with the Bluegrass Festival and measurements were taken regarding clearing land required on our property. The costing of the project will have to be done as well as communicating with our campers as to their view of the project. More information will be forth coming.


PP Kevin Dandeno, K Russ Pierson and K Bruce Jobe were elected to sit on our Kiwanis Board for a three year term beginning in October of 2014. We are still hoping past or current board members may consider the President Elect/President positions which have yet to be filled. Please contact our recruitment committee comprised of PG Gary Levine, PP Andy Drury or PLG Linda Van Aalst should you be willing to serve.


Kiwanis Does It Again!


Our club has chosen to make a difference for many young people in our community by pledging $100 000 support for a new Sk8board/Bike Park. To kick off this exciting new project, we are encouraging all members to come out on June 28th from 11 to 1 p.m.


There will be 200 shirts and 1000 wristbands handed out at the event. Thanks to PP Kevin Dandeno for coordinating this. The Kiwanis Kitchen will be on site to hand out free hotdogs to those in attendance.

As you can see from the pictures, youngsters are already making use of the facility. See you on the 28th!


Many Hands!


Our club has pledged to help our Local Mental Health Association's Ride Don't Hide event on June 22nd. Curtis Sandford is their guest cyclist, joining bikers from all ages. We have been asked to cook on their BBQs with food already provided. They just need our hands to make it happen. Please contact President Gord to let him know you can help from 10-1.


Thanks to K Paul Kirk, K Paul Matthies and K Bill Sornberger for being our crew at the Kiwanis Kitchen for the first GT Cycle Bike Night. The Kitchen will be there the first Thursday of each month. Your help would be appreciated. If you haven't been working in the kitchen, don't worry, there are experienced Ks to help you.


The success of our fundraising projects depends on club member support. Please note the dates of our upcoming events to see which one(s) you could find a few hours to be able to help. Many thanks!