The Builder for March 20th


K Susan Davey and K Stew Andrew (our mystery greeter) welcomed 14 Kiwanians. PE Paul Strimas wielded the gavel this evening as President Gord was escaping the cold in sunny Hawaii. Our guests in attendance included Ann Miller, Pat Luckhardt, Greg Rodgers, Margaret McLeod, John Davey, John McLauchlan, Dan Campbell and Bernie Range. Treasurer Paul Kirk was the lucky 50/50 draw winner.


Those of you wishing to visit K Phil Gignac at the Regional Health Centre should contact Linda beforehand to check when a good time might be.


Speakers Corner!


PE Paul Strimas introduced previous PP John McLauchlan, along with Dan Campbell (Membership Chair of QBBF) and Bernie Range (President of Queen’s Bush Bluegrass Festival). The bluegrass organizers spoke about their wish to use our Whispering Pines Campground for their festival next summer. The area in question is the old Christmas tree lot which could be developed to provide for 150 to 160 visiting trailers, a sound stage and open viewing area.  Benefits for us would be from the revenue of the trailers, firewood and store items purchased. The club would have exclusive rights to all food sold at the event.


The presentation was followed by a good group discussion of those present of the pros and cons of this request. Those seeking more information regarding this possible venture feel free to contact PE Paul Strimas.


From the Sunny South!


PG Gary presenting Governor Hope's Jamaican banner flag to President Michael Facey.

Former Governor Gary Levine along with DS Julia attended a recent club meeting of the Kiwanis Club of Lauderdale Lakes. Many of their membership hail from Jamaica. PG Gary and DS Julia will be travelling to Kingston on March 25th to participate in the 50th Kiwanis anniversary of in Jamaica. While there, PG Gary will deliver a growth seminar to club counsellors from throughout the Caribbean...a busman's holiday...


All Hands on Deck!


PE Paul Strimas announced that on April 5th & 6th the Kiwanis Kitchen will be at the Vandolder Home Show and at Canada Day on July 1st


DP Bob Miller is asking for Kiwanians to please donate some time to volunteer at our upcoming Kiwanis Music Festival.  Please contact Bob! There are daytime and evening times available to fit any schedule.


K Russ Pierson has volunteered to be our Kiwanian Care Giver so if you know a Kiwanian who should receive a card please contact K Russ. Applause went to K Susan Davey's husband John for all of his help in keeping the Christmas tree lot cleared of snow. A round went to DS Julia for her willingness to continue on as secretary.


Our club is still looking for a member to step forward and volunteer to be our Visibility Officer (Public Relations). We are also in dire of a new Chairperson for the Kiwanis Santa Claus Parade as K Reta Dimis has stepped down. There are many members who are willing to help but we are in need of a marshall...K Reta has materials to help you.


A Fine Time!


PP Andy paid a toonie to recognize his father’s purchase of a 1931 Model T Ford. PP Don Sweatman confessed to a trip to the Philippines for two weeks with K Guy Chouinard to golf....a large water hazard. DP Bob Miller confessed to a trip to Steamboat Colorado with Ann (not to be confused with Steamboat Annie) with a stopover to see family in Denver.

Road trip anyone?