The Builder for March 3rd

There were 17 Kiwanians present at our luncheon held at the Best Western Inn on the Bay along with a special guest, PP John McLachlan. In the near future Fred Druyf, our newest Kiwanis member recently approved by your Board, will be inducted along with K Travis Dodd. We will let you know as soon as a date has been established.


At this March luncheon, PP John Prettie was our able song leader. Our on the spot reporter, K Stew Andrew, led the club in reciting the Objects of Kiwanis. P Bill Sornberger was happy to present K Fred with his second lucky draw winnings, proving once again that it pays to be a Kiwanian...


Speaker's Corner!

L to R: P Bill Sornberger and Festival Chair John McLachlan. Chair John was pleased to receive our annual contribution of $15 000 from President Bill Sornberger to support our signature project.


Grey County Kiwanis Music Festival Chair, former PP John McLachlan, was warmly welcomed as our guest speaker. John spoke about the upcoming 84th Kiwanis festival being held from April 11 to April 22 at five local venues.

He is hoping Kiwanians will step forward, not only to volunteer with the upcoming festival, but to consider sitting on the Board.

He provided information about the recent updates to the Festival with all registrations and payments now being done online. The Kiwanis Festival includes piano, string and brass soloists and ensembles along with speech and drama classes.

Those wishing to lend a hand at the festival, please email: Festival Volunteer Coordinator DS Julia.


Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

K Michelle asked for more Kiwanian volunteers to help with our O’Share service project. K Michelle announced a Fun/Food meeting on March 8th and acknowledged that the WPC committee is also meeting that night.

Confirmed Kiwanis Kitchen Volunteer Opportunities:


  • April 1st (4-10) and 2nd (8-4) Grey Roots
  • June 24th-Summertime Blues Festival
  • July 1st-Canada Day
  • July 1st – Canada Day
  • August 6th and 7th – CVMG Whispering Pines
  • August 18th – Kiwanis Corn Roast
  • August TBA- Camp Quality
  • Sept. 25th Pratie Oaten Day – Grey Roots

K Paul Kirk announced that he is Campaign Treasurer for PG Gary's run to become our International Trustee. Any donations to the election fund are to Paul Kirk In Trust.


A Fine Time!

PLG Linda van Aalst appealed to PP Andy Drury in an attempt to fine President Bill for not assigning someone to cover his duties while away on vacation.  PP Andy thought PLG Linda should pay the fine... PP Gord Harris confessed to a two week vacation in the Naples area of Florida which cost him $5.00. PE Susan Davey confessed to a four week vacation in Florida, but said she was the guest speaker at the Kiwanis Club of Palm Coast near Flagler.  Because it was a “working” vacation she was asked to put in just $2.

K Stew Andrew confessed to a one day trip to Orangeville to participate in the Chinese Jai Festival celebrating the Year of the Monkey.  Stew said it was a ten course vegetarian meal for $20 and all he could eat!  The fine was a happy toonie, no monkeying around...President Bill donated $10 to the cause to wrap things up!