The Builder for May 10th, 2018

There were twenty Kiwanians and two guests, Scott Lovell and PLG Brian McKeown in attendance at our luncheon chaired by President Don Sweatman. All were warmly greeted at the door by Director Paul Matthies and Treasurer Fred Druyf. District Trustee Gail Norris was the lucky draw winner of the day. The club gave Kiwanian Don King a warm welcome back after the health battles he has faced these past many months.

LGE Susan Davey was our mystery greeter who singled out two Ks for failing to give her a warm Kiwanis welcome. P Don distributed a thank you card from the Saugeen District Secondary School's curling team for receiving financial support from our club to travel to competition.

All in Favour!

Our elections were held to fill Board positions. We were fortunate that Kiwanian Guy Chouinard and PP Gord Harris stepped up to the task. They were endorsed by the members present. Treasurer Fred Druyf was affirmed and Secretary Tim Sobie was introduced.

President Don Sweatman

President Don has agreed to stay on in the fall provided there are two others who are willing to fill in as Vice President and President Elect. Would you like to help lead? Please reach out to P Don to support him.

A Fine Time!

DS Julia made a donation in honour of two grandsons, Jack and Will, who were born within two weeks of each other. A wonderful welcome home!

DP Bob Miller and his wife Ann had an extensive excursion through New Mexico and Colorado which proved costly. PP Gord Harris helped Treasurer Fred Druyf confess to buying a "new to him" motorcycle. With friends like these...

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

PP Jack Tweddle is undergoing knee surgery on May 24th. On May 28th, he will begin his rehabilitation at Central Place. We wish him a speedy and painfree recovery.

President Don announced that PP Gilbert Howey, who lives at Lee Manor, will be awarded an honorary membership to our Kiwanis Club of Owen Sound.


PP Jack Tweddle

We hope to host K Gilbert at a meeting to recognize him and his support of Kiwanis through the years. This presents many challenges since the horrific car accident he experienced. Our condolences are extended to K Ron Downs on the recent passing of his mother.

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Whispering Pines Chair K Steve Sired updated the club on the improvements at the camp. There has been a new trailer purchased and a clean up was required from the wind storm which downed

some trees but did not damage any trailers.

One of the washrooms has been refurbished including metal ceilings and plastic partitions. The 179 seasonal campers are sure to appreciate the work being done on the pavilion as well. The opening of the camp was delayed one week this year due to winter leaving slowly.

The camp will host the Owen Sound Brownies, the Canadian Vintage Motorcyle, two family reunions and two lacrosse tournament teams.

It looks like a busy year ahead. Be sure to sign up for the work parties.

Distinguished Secretary Julia Levine updated the club on International Trustee Gary's journey this past year in Kiwanis. IT Gary has spent much of the past year club building throughout the United States and he also assisted with one in Malaysia as well.

At the time of our meeting, IT Gary was in Cleveland working on a six club building blitz. These involve meeting with local community leaders in government, business and education to sign up new members and create a new Kiwanis Clubs where there are currently none.

Following the E.C.&C. Convention, both Gary and Julia will attend the European Convention in Italy. There will be a quick turn around for Gary as he will then head to New York to help with club opening there.

The last Friday in June will be the vote in Las Vegas for the position of Vice President. Four candidates are running for this leadership position.

IT Gary wishes to thank the club very much for their support and a special thanks as well to our election treasurer Paul Kirk.

P Don also indicated that our club was approached by the City to lend our support in their government application for a substantial playground grant. Two playgrounds at Harrison Park, one by the campground and one by the Inn will be revitalize. More information regarding this possible project will be made available in the future.

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