Dates to Remember


May 24th

Board Meeting

Community Living

6 p.m.


May 25th



May 28th

WP Work Party


June 2nd


Election of Officers

Running for the Board:

Paul Matthies

PLG Linda


May Birthdays

Margie McLeod 3

Mary Lou Strimas 7

John Davey 8

Belinda Bowler 10

Julia Levine 13

Pat Tweddle 14

Stew Andrew 19

Paul Strimas 22

Linda Matthies 24

Ted Stevens 26

Kevin Dandeno 30


May Anniversaries

Jack and Pat Tweddle 23

Russ and Heather Pierson 28

June Birthdays

Ann Kelly 2

Mary Jane Dandeno 21

Fred Druyf 23

Donna Kaufman 25

Noreen Little 30

    Andy Drury 30


June Anniversaries

John and Val Prettie 1

Steve and Flo Sired 2

Paul and Susan Kirk 18

Kelly and Pat Haefling 28

The Builder for May 19th

There were 21 Kiwanians present to vote on our Hospice Project. PE Susan Davey wielded the gavel in place of President Bill Sornberger as he was presenting Police Services awards. DP Bob Miller read the Objects of Kiwanis. The club sang Happy Birthday to K Stew Andrew who was celebrating on this special day.
















PE Susan Davey

Photo by: PP John Prettie


Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

There was the required 1/3 of our club membership present to vote on supporting a Kiwanis Kids Activity Room at Chapman's House. Treasurer Paul Kirk outlined the community assessment process and the hospice project. He informed the membership about the club's investment fund and the request by the Hospice for $125 000 to build a playroom. After a Q and A, the motion to support the Hospice with a one time cheque of $125 000 exceeded the required 2/3 vote by secret ballot. The Kiwanis Club of Owen Sound, once again, makes a significant contribution to better the lives of children.


Convention News!

International Trustee Gary Levine

pins incoming Governor Phil Rossy.

Past Governor of E.C.&C., Gary Levine was elected to the position of International Trustee for Canada and the Caribbean to the Board of Kiwanis International. Three PG candidates, two from Canada and one from South America ran for the position at our 100th Anniversary of Kiwanis in Canada Convention in Hamilton Ontario. Exceeding the minimum required 50% plus one of the delegate vote, Gary won in the first round of balloting.

Attending the convention were Kiwanis delegates and partners from Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, PEI, 17 nations of the Caribbean and Surinam in South America.

The International Board is comprised of 15 elected trustees from around the world, responsible for governing Kiwanis clubs in 80 countries.

The opportunity to run for this position comes only once every 6 years for Past Governors of E.C.&C. It was over 35 years ago that Ray Allen, a Distinguished member of the Kiwanis Club of Owen Sound, was elected to this position.

Super Hero PP John 

IT Gary wishes to thank P Bill, PE Susan & John, PLG Linda & Kees, Treasurer Paul and DS Julia for their hands on service at the convention. He is also grateful to members of the Barrie Club as well for their help. It was truly a team effort!


Congratulations to IT Gary for his continued volunteer service and dedicated commitment to Kiwanis.