A New Year Begins!


There were 27 present at our inaugural meeting for our Kiwanis year. We had 17 Kiwanians and 10 guests present. They were greeted by K Reg Martin and K Paul Matthies at the door. K Stew Andrew was our mystery greeter and Sarg levying fines for today. Alas, PP Peter Little missed the opportunity to shake his hand. Our guest, Jackie Mcfarlane was the lucky 50/50 draw winner. PLG Gail Norris led us with an inspirational invocation.

Among our guests were Fran Exel who has been our Builders Club advisor since 1999 along with two sponsored Key Leader students and their parents. Abbey and Alesandra will be heading to Key Leader weekend in October. We also welcomed back a very familiar face, Linda Gignac, along with her cousin Joanne. K Doug Cleverley's guest today was Lilah van Stavel. PP Bob's wife Ann was back with us before they depart on yet another vacation...


From the President's Pen!

I would like to personally extend my thanks to PP Gord Harris and his Board for all of their hard work on our behalf these past two years. I am pleased that Treasurer Paul Kirk and Distinguished Secretary Julia Levine will continue on with their roles this coming year.

I welcome K Alex Morris, K Gabe Nowak, PP Kevin Dandeno and K Russ Pierson onto the Board this year. They will be joining K Deb McKague, K Susan Davey, K Bruce Jobe, K Andrew Drury and K John Cottrill. We are very pleased as well that K Bill Sornberger has been voted to be our President Elect. We expect to have a very busy year at the Board table.

I greatly appreciate those who have been willing to act as our Committee Chairs. That said, we would appreciate receiving your budget for approval at our Board meeting on October 14th at 7 p.m.

All members are most welcome to attend our board meetings. I invite all of your ideas for the good of Kiwanis. Look for a new roster coming out in the near future. Any errors or omissions may be sent to DS Julia to bring our roster up to date.

I have good news for all Christmas tree workers this year. Our event trailer has been refurbished so there will be no feet going through the floorboards!

Yours in Kiwanis,

President Paul Strimas

Speaker's Corner!

Photo of Jackie Mcfarlane by: PP John Prettie


Our speaker was thanked today by our Builder's Club Chair Susan Davey.

DP Bob Miller introduced Jacquelynne Mcfarlane representing the Key Leader Program established in 2005. She spoke about promoting their goals of doing the right thing, the pursuit of excellence and respect for others. It develops leadership with students aged 14-18. Key Leader weekend is October 24-26th. Our club hopes to sponsor four youth this year.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! Let the Bells Ring!

We congratulate President Paul and his wife Mary Lou on becoming grandparents again with the birth of Louis Paul. He and his mother Megan are doing well. An out of breath hurrah to PP Bob Miller's daughter Julie for her success at an international triathalon in China where she swam 5 km, biked 130km and ran 30k. Her twin sister Lisa was there to cheer her on.

Wishing smooth seas ahead for K Doug Cleverley's son in his admission to the marine program along with students from around the world.


Thank you to all the club members who took a Trick or Treat for UNICEF box home with them to fill with change as part of our MNT fundraising program. We have five city schools involved this year. Please return your boxes laden with coins...on October 30th at Legacy Ridge.


We are sorry to hear that the Owen Sound Golden K have resigned their charter. They are to be congratulated for their many years of service to our community whether it be through the breakfast program, meals on wheels or at our hospital. Our club encourages their members to join with us.