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September 9th

KKO Meeting

8:30 a.m.

Chamber of Commerce


September 17th

Luncheon Meeting

Speaker TBA


September 22nd

Final Board meeting for outgoing board members.

6 p.m.

Community Living


September 23rd



October 1st

Dinner Meeting

Induction of new board and new club members.

This is a chance to thank our outgoing President Paul Strimas and welcome our new chief, PD Bill Sornberger.

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September Birthdays

The Builder for September 3rd

There were twenty-0ne Kiwanians and six guests in attendance at our luncheon meeting held at Stonetree Golf and Fitness Club. President Paul Strimas welcomed PLG Linda Van Aalst's guest from Quebec, Caroline Godin who will be attending St. Mary's High School to improve her English speaking skills. DP Bob Miller introduced his wife Ann, a dedicated Kiwanis volunteer in her own right.

President Elect Susan Davey and K Paul Matthies greeted each member at the door. PLG Linda led us in the Objects of Kiwanis. K Stew Andrew was the holder of the lucky draw number for the day.

Eliminate Chair DS Julia Levine presented a 100 Families pin to PP Clarke McLeod for his generous donation to MNT. Globally we have now reached 100 million dollars in cash and pledges toward our goal of 110 million dollars for Maternal and Neonatal Tetanus.


Speaker's Corner!

PG Gary Levine introduced our guest speaker for today, Bob Droine, Elections Canada Returning Officer for Bruce-Grey-Owen Sound.

Bob shared a wealth of information about how the Fair Elections Act affects the voter, the parties and the administration of the voting itself on October 19th.

Vouching has been eliminated. Parties have increased spending limits. All Robocalls must keep their message scripts for three years.

PLG Linda Van Aalst, RO for Elections Ontario thanked our speaker.

There is an increase of advance polls days from three to four. Electors also have the opportunity to vote by special ballot until October 13th, 2015. You can make sure you are registered by going online or should you have questions, visit the Elections Canada office in the Professional Building, Main Floor Suite 24.


Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

PLG Linda Van Aalst, PP Andrew Drury and friends hosted the Kiwanis Camp Quality BBQ again this August. They fed over 100 campers and their family members. The club appreciates their efforts on our behalf.

All Kiwanians are invited to attend our Division 8 Caucus Meeting to be held at the Leisure Center in Collingwood on Saturday, September 12th at 10 a.m.. We will be electing a new Lieutenant Governor for Division 8 and endorsing PG Gary's candidacy to run for International Trustee at the E.C.&C. District convention  in Hamilton next year.

PE Susan Davey announced the start of the 17th year of the Builders' Club at Notre Dame School. Our newest Key Club is expected to begin at St. Mary's High School in the fall as well.


A Fine Time!

PP Kevin Dandeno and his wife spent a great three day weekend in Niagara Falls pedalling and exploring the local vineyards. PP Clarke McLeod was doing his best PE Bill Sornberger impersonation. P Paul breathed a sigh of relief due to the completion of daughter #4's wedding. K Joanne was panting in the 35 degree Calgary heat. PG Gary Levine was united with his Kiwanis jacket, rescued from the WP woodpile...and Sargent at Arms Stew Andrew regaled us with his tale of his dramatic escapades as a police officer. A fine time indeed...