January 15th

Board Meeting

7 p.m.

Community Living Centre

All members are welcome to attend.


January 18th

Saturday Night

Sleigh Ride

After Dinner Party at

PP Andy Drury's home


February 6th

Luncheon Meeting

Stone Tree


Program: TBA


Terrific Kids Assemblies for



Bayview School

January 30th

DP Bob Miller


Dufferin School

27th at 11:50

Pajama Day Dufferin

PP Don Sweatman


Keppel Sarawak

January 30th


DS Julia Levine


April 2nd

Whispering Pines

Committee Members Please take note of

this meeting date





4 - K Susan Davey
8 - K Joanne Horton
24 - K Kelly Haefling



2-Debbie McKague
3-Ann Miller
9-Bob Miller
19-Rosalie Moore
20-Don Sweatman
24-Heather Pierson



14-Phil & Linda Gignac
15-Dave & Ruth Parsons


The Builder for a New Year!


There were seventeen Kiwanians and two guests present from the Tom Thomson Art Gallery, Robert Alton and Virginia Eichhorn, at our luncheon meeting at Stonetree Golf and Fitness club. The Objects of Kiwanis were read by K Jim McManaman with K Russ Pierson the winner of the 50/50 draw.


Hear Ye! Hear Ye!


Our Fundraising Chair Doug Cleverley reminds us that our Super Bowl Party is fast approaching on February 2nd. Posters are available to be distributed with extra copies at MicroAge. Additionally tickets need to be sold to reach the minimum of 80 people in attendance to cover our costs.

Please reach out to coworkers, family and friends to interest them in our fundraiser. Dinner and the game on a big screen for just $25.00 is a super deal!


President Gord is in need of a Secretary to help with correspondence, month end reports and to assist him where needed. K Marion Koepke is a pro at taking minutes at our Board meetings so that task is not required. If you are willing to volunteer, please contact P Gord.


A special thank you goes out to K Susan Davey's husband, John, for his invaluable assistance in helping with the striking of the Christmas Tree lot. Chair Jim McManaman will announce our fundraising total once all bills have been processed. Thanks to all who made it happen!



Our best wishes goes out to PP John Prettie's wife Val as she is currently under the weather. Dr. John missed today's meeting to see that she was well taken care of.


Speaker's Corner!


PLG Linda Van Aalst introduced the Director and Curator of The Tom Thomson Art Gallery, Virginia Eichhorn.

K Marion Koepke thanked Virginia who spoke with passion about the gallery.


Virginia related that Tom Thomson is a national icon whose work is the anchor of our gallery. His paintings bring interested visitors from around the world to the Tom Thomson gallery where they can also experience the work of other local artists and curated exhibitions.


With a staff of 10 and 150 volunteers from high school to senior citizens, they manage 2300 works of art with 14-16 exhibitions each year. The gallery prides itself in achieving an A rating, just one of four galleries in Canada to reach this pinnacle.


Drop by the gallery to find out more about the Canadian Spirit program running from 2012-2017. Admission is by donation making our outstanding

gallery accessible to all. Thank you Virginia for your enthusiasm!