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The Kiwanis Club of Huntsville-Muskoka

The Huntsville-Muskoka Kiwanis Club welcomes Governor Bobby Moo Young and LG Stephanie Worthington to their club.


Message from The Charter President

This year has been a year of career accomplishments, personal ups and downs and tests of strength to my very core. It's been a year of great growth for me and with that many opportunities to share my stories of perseverance and the joy and fulfillment of giving back. In great times of growth there often is the chance to see with a clear perspective the needs of others beyond your " front door" so to speak.

I am an engaged parent of 4 wonderful children. It is such an amazing journey. Becoming a parent is a very selfless job in itself, however my middle child has sensory and behavioral difficulties. He is teaching me everyday about how resilient and astounding young minds really are, no matter how different they may be.

With this I have had the opportunity to really peer into the world of a child. I've seen the obstacles he faces and the wear on him on his toughest of days. Most importantly I have seen the impact that an amazing engaged teacher or a mentor can have on the best and most valuable an fragile parts of his heart. One person teaching and helping him to believe in himself out side our home had changed who he was to his very core. The positive influence and opportunity for him to "rise to the occasion" allowed him to build on his virtues and to become stronger and more confident.

How could I become that centre of influence for so many children who needed it? How could I make a difference and support the youth in our own back yard?

My life is almost comedic when it come to the timing of things, but here it was. Kiwanis presented itself like a part in the fog in the perfect time in my life, when I could appreciate its profound mission. Never did I think I would take a position as Charter President of Huntsville Muskoka. After hearing Governor Bobby Moo Young speak at the charter press release and at the District governors dinner I knew we shared the same passion, vision and direction. He inspired me and I took so much away from both events.
I truly have overwhelming pride as a Kiwanian.. Every step of the way we have been treated like family and have had overwhelming support. LG Stephanie Worthington and our club counsellor Past Governor Chuck McIlravey have been so instrumental to what we have accomplished thus far and continue to be a great resource to us.

 I watched our club grow in Huntsville Muskoka from 3 to 20. Kiwanis of Huntsville Muskoka  is constructed of young vibrant professionals from so many organizations in our community with deep rooted relationships that have really sparked a buzz in the town. It's such a wonderfully magical position to hold as President, chartering a new club truly is special and having such a diverse group has really created an opportunity to build something new on the unshaken foundation of Kiwanis.

Our focus will be how can we create a club of the future, how can we strengthen the Kiwanis name so that we as a Kiwanian culture can continue to serve the children of the world for the next 150 years. How can we continue to stay relevant in an ever changing world and stay engaged with the youth and millennials of today as they grow and interact on an ever changing frequency.. How do we adapt so that we can nurture strong leaders and so that we can anticipate the needs of tomorrow. How can we engage and stimulate membership so that we maintain that positive forward momentum?

There is no doubt in my mind that we will continue the great work of so many who serve under the Kiwanis umbrella and I am so honoured and humbled to be part of all of it on such a grass roots level.

Thank you for welcoming us into the family! 

Brittany Robbins


Taking time to share a bite and create some Kiwanis memories.