Serving the Area Since 1925
Service and Fundraising Projects


The Kiwanis Sk8 and Bike Park is our latest ongoing financial commitment. We have pledged $120 000 dollars to our playground. We are excited that so many youth are using this free facility.

Our club donated $100 000 toward the building of the Kiwanis Activity Room at Chapman House Hospice in Owen Sound. It provides a place for relaxation and activities for young people visiting family.

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Our Harrison Park Playground for ALL is a collaborative between the Kiwanis Club of Owen Sound, as lead financial supporter, and the City of Owen Sound as the owner of the park. Our contribution to this project was $120 000.

Both groups have a history of strong partnerships and community success, as evident when they worked together to create Owen Sound’s first fully accessible playground at J. Irvine Brown Park.

Kiwanians are proud sponsors as well of the Kiwanis Soccer Complex where hundreds of children are found every summer. We continue with our support to the Kiwanis Music Festival and of course our Santa Claus Parade nearing 73 years of service.

Our work goes on. Would you like to join us?

Past President Bob and Past Principal Deborah Eaton congratulate Terrific Kids at
Keppel-Sarawak Public School. We have since added East Ridge, Hillcrest and Alexandra Schools to our Terrific Kids program presenting certificates, pencils and wristbands that proclaim a student has shown wonderful character traits.

Serving the community of Owen Sound for 94 years, our Kiwanis club continues to partner with community groups and build. Some of our activities include:

  • Christmas Tree Sales
  • Santa Claus Parade
  • OSHaRE
  • Grey County Kiwanis Music Festival
  • Terrific Kids Program
  • Kiwanis Kids Outreach
  • Supporting a child in need