Mark Your Calendars!

April 17th

Rec Centre

Ad Hoc

Info Tour

Chair K Sean

6 p.m.

April 19

How Smart R You?

Stone Tree Luncheon


April 21

Kiwanis One Day

Clean up

Whispering Pines

9 a.m....

All Kiwanis hands on deck!


April 26

Owen Sound Police Services Tour

Social 5 p.m.

Hail to our Kiwanian Chief Bill!


May 3rd
Speaker: Heather Greenaway
Health Works

Bowen Technique


May 26th

Community Yard

Sale at

Whispering Pines

8 - 12

May 31

Coffin Ridge Winery

Social 5 p.m.


Upcoming Birthdays



Linda Gignac 13

K Flavian Quiquero 23

K Gabe Nowak 24

K Bert Hood 30


James Culligan 2

Margie McLeod 3

Mary Lou Strimas 7

Reta Dimis 8

John Davey 8

Belinda Bowler 10

Julia Levine 13

Stew Andrew 19

Paul Strimas 22

Ted Stevens 26

Kevin Dandeno 30




Janet & Bruce Price 10

Heather & Russ Pierson




Read Around The World books have arrived. We need readers at Keppel Sarawak, Hillcrest, Bayview, Alexandra and St. Basil's.

The Builder for April 12th

There were 24 Kiwanians present at this week's meeting. Members signed cards for PLG Al Kelly and for K Donna Kaufman wishing them both a speedy recovery. K Ted Horton, K Sean McMurray and PP Peter Little were the tardy trio for the day. Applause please!

Speaker's Corner


DPP Bob Miller introduced our guest speaker, Rodney Deloughery.

Rodney explained that he suffered from a bipolar mental disorder when he arrived in Owen Sound. With proper treatment he recovered and now feels safe living here.  Rodney wanted to give back something positive as a way of saying thanks to Owen Sound for all the great care and understanding he received during his recovery.  He started the Community Garden Program which has grown to six gardens with volunteer help.

He has planted several gardens around town with vegetables that he harvests and serves as part of a nutritious brunch to other individuals that need help. Rodney says that by giving of yourself to others, you not only help them but you help yourself as well.  Rodney has found that people who find themselves homeless and with specific mental health issues can be successfully helped. 

LGE Gail Norris thanked Rodney on behalf of our Club for his informative talk and his willingness to answer so many questions by Kiwanians.

A Fine Time!

Techno fines were incurred as PP Jed Phillips and PP Dave Parsons had Blackberry distractions. PE Gord Harris happily doesn't suffer from friggatriskaidekaphobia. He paid a toonie in an expression of joy that April 13th is a Friday and that he and many bikers would be travelling to Port Dover to celebrate. Best of luck!

PP Jed paid a toonie to advertise the up-coming Roxy theatre production of Cabaret. PP John Prettie paid a further $3.00 to promote the production and to praise PP Jed's finely crafted performance.

PP John paid a happy toonie for a family Easter Break in Barrie. K Sean McMurray paid as well to confess a trip to Detroit to get his sporting fix.

PP Don Sweatman anted up for his skiing and golfing trip to Kelowna without Karen. K Ted Horton confessed to a trip to Langdon Hall with Candy.

K James Culligan willingly paid bail as he has been under “house arrest” due to the unusually heavy pollen season in Owen Sound which has now subsided. That's a re-leaf...

K Marion Koepke paid a happy toonie to be with her soon to be re-wed 85 year old mother. Here comes the bride... happy at eighty-five.

President's Rose


The President's Rose was presented to K Sean McMurray by President Linda Van Aalst for his positive efforts as an active Board and committee member.

K Guy Chouinard won a Kiwanis pen and K Stu Luckhardt won a Kiwanis Teddy Bear while LGE Gail Norris won the 50/50 draw.


From the President's Pen


P Linda will endeavour to send out the Board agenda a week prior to our monthly Board meetings so if there is a topic of interest to a member they may plan to attend.

LGE Gail Norris will be in London, Ontario attending the 65th Key Club Convention on April 13th. That should be a lively event!

PG Gary Levine, with special help from PP Bruce Price, presented DPP Bob Miller with his President’s plaque.

Read Around the World is taking place once again. If you are willing to read, please e-mail Secretary Julia. As you can see in the sidebar, we need readers for five schools. Thanks to K Sean McMurray who will read at Dufferin and PP Jed Phillips who has volunteered to read at Syndenham School.

Thanks as well to K James Culligan for his willingness to attend the Keppel Sarawak Terrific Kids Assembly on April 27th.