The Builder for May 24th

There were fourteen Kiwanians present at our Stone Tree luncheon this week. President Designate Gord Harris chaired the meeting in President Linda Van Aalst's stead. PE Gord wielded the gavel with authority. PG Gary Levine was our 50/50 winner.

Speaker's corner

PP Bruce Price was our in-house guest speaker for today. While he has been a long time loyal Kiwanian, he has been an even longer supporter of our amazing Bruce Trail Association. PP Bruce is a Trail Captain who is responsible for maintaining a portion of the trail, making sure the blazers are well marked and that the trail in pristine condition.

The Bruce Trail is Canada's oldest and longest footpath, providing the only continuous public access to the magnificent Niagara Escarpment, a UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve. It is one of only fifteen such reserves in all of Canada. Thank you PP Bruce for your important volunteer efforts!


Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Congratulations to Kiwanian Doug Cleverley, our Fundraising Chair and all of those who volunteered their time or items for our first ever Community Yard Sale. It was a great success and we hope it will become an annual event.

Chief Bill manned the Patty Wagon, K Paul managed our funds while the rest of us haggled with the customers. Thanks as well to K Rebecca for bringing her friend's glassware and to LGD Gail Norris for donating the proceeds from her table to our KI Eliminate Project.

K Paul Strimas and his crew were instrumental in the entire operation. They hauled tables and managed the traffic. All in all it was a fun-raising event!

Kiwanis James Culligan has volunteered to attend the Terrific Kids Assembly at Keppel Sarawak School at 2:10 on Thursday, May 31st. Thank you to our organ donor, K James....a yard sale insider...

Happy Anniversary to...

Heather & Russ Pierson May 28

Valerie & John Prettie June 1

John & Karen McLachlan 10

Paul & Susan Kirk June 18

Marion and Gord Koepke 24

Kathryn Kenny & Andrew Gordon 25

Kelly & Pat Haefling 28