Happy New Year Kiwanians!

At this week’s meeting at Stone Tree, seventeen Kiwanians and K Ted Horton’s guest Ron Downs of Royal LePage joined together to kick off 2012. Get well cards were signed for PLG Al Kelly and for a previous long-standing member, Dave Wilson. It was noted that K Blake Bonham has moved to the GTA and thus had to resign from our club. We wish him well. Tea and coffee was delicately poured by the serving team of K Gord Harris and K Bruce Jobe. No one got burned so job well done guys!

President Linda Van Aalst distributed a list of committees for members present to sign. As well, she opened up the floor for discussion about our service projects and fund raising ideas.

PP Peter Little explained our commitment to the Kiwanis Music Festival Board, currently chaired by Kiwanian Kelly Haefling. Other committee members include PP Kevin Dandeno and Kiwanian Partners Cathy Drury and Elizabeth Harris. Committee member PP Peter appealed for Kiwanians to consider joining the Kiwanis Music Festival Committee. There are 180 hardworking volunteers who ensure its success. Through his promotional efforts two more Kiwanians have volunteered to sit on this committee. That hit a happy note!

K Julia Levine surveyed those present about their interest in reading in the schools for the Read Around the World program. One book is selected to be read at the elementary schools in the city. The book is then donated to library. She also promoted our Terrific Kids program to those who have yet to have the pleasure of congratulating some very proud children at our monthly school assemblies.

LGE Gail Norris opened the discussion about starting a Kiwanis Key Club in the city. Key Club is the oldest and largest service program for high school students in the world. It has more than 250,000 members in 5,000 clubs in 30 countries. A Key Club requires a teacher sponsor at the school in order to initiate the club. If you know a high school teacher who may be willing to lend a hand, please let PP Bob Miller know.

K Ted shared the good news that K Dennis Hertz’s hockey tournament will be donating some funds back to our club. They give to one charitable organization each year. This year it is us so thank you K Dennis! This event will be held in February and Kiwanians may hear more about the possibility of helping out at later date.



Roe Fulkerson was a loyal and long standing editor of the KI newsletter, first called the Hornet, then the Torch and ultimately the Kiwanis Magazine. He often included “Roeisms”: Words from the Kiwanis Scribe.

Photo by: PP John Prettie

In view of Secretary Julia Levine receiving the President’s rose on Thursday and Linda’s comments on the role of secretary, the following Roeism seems most appropriate: “A President is an incident; a secretary is an institution”.

Thank you to Past President Bob Miller for submitting this article. He really is Bob the Builder! We will look forward to PP Bob's byline Roeism contributions to our newsletter.

Happy Birthdays to K Susan Davey on January 4th and to K Joanne Horton who will celebrate on the 8th!

If you wish to announce a meeting or share information with the club, please submit your contribution by Fridays to jlevine@docpc.com. The Builder is generally cobbled together by a groggy, feeble minded editor on Saturday mornings...