Hear Ye! Hear Ye!


our newest Kiwanians!

K. Blake Bonham

K.Dennis Hertz

K. Kerry Lee

Honorary Kiwanian

Ann Kelly

Committee Chairs, this is an excellent opportunity to garner new members for your various groups.

Mark Your Calendar

The Builder for

March 17th

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

The Sydenham Room at Stone Tree was a sea of green as 50 plus members and guests gathered together to share some blarney and hope for some luck. Speaking of luck, Kiwanian Stu Luckhardt's wife Pat was the draw ticket winner. She may or may not share her gold with K Stu.

The first ten guests to enter the room today were given a green candle to commemorate this event. From the green napkins and cloths, to the delicious brownies made by PLG Al Kelly's better half, Ann used her leprechaun talents to transform the room. Thank you Program Chair PLG Al and Honorary K Ann for pulling it all together again.The luck of the Irish to you!

K Bert Hood flashed his magic fingers on the piano once again. PP John Prettie led us in two Irish out of tuners while MC IPG Gary Levine attempted his Irish accent. As PP Jed Philips suggested it was more electrocution than elocution.



Special Guests!


Renowned champion dance teacher Sheila Milne, of the Sheila Milne School of Dance, brought a talented young dancer, Mackenzie Waltenburgh, to kick up her cranky washerwoman heels to an Irish Jig. Thank you to Sheila for her ongoing support of children and Kiwanis.

Bernie Donville strummed us up some old Irish favourites, letting us in on Auntie Maggie's Remedy. I won't tell if you won't..Faith and begorrah, he left smiles on our faces.


James Culligan spoke to us about his home country Ireland. He did warn us that an Irishman never uses one word when he can use ten. However, he used his words wisely to education us about the Emerald Isle as well as sharing his paintings. James and his partner Eleanor were great patrons of our recent Celebrity Auction. We thank them again for donating their time to share in our St. Patrick's Day event.

Bridges Art Gallery

Eleanor Pauling

and James Culligan

President Bob's Update


A Past President has suggested a change in the Appeals to provide variety to the current format. Instead of selecting his/her favourite PP, a name will be drawn from a jar and that PP will deal with the violation, injustice or whatever. Let's try it, you might like it. This revolutionary change will commence on March 24th. Don't fear Traditionalists, this probably won't last forever.

Sláinte chugat - Good Health to You!