The Builder for October 25th

President Gord Harris welcomed thirty-four Kiwanians for our meeting this week. DPS Reta Dimis led the club in reciting the Objects of Kiwanis while PP  John Prettie got the group singing. K Alex Morris introduced his daughter Allyson as his guest for the day. 

PLG/PDP Linda Van Aalst and President Gord Harris were proud to be able to present our latest installment of $30 000 to Mayor Deb Haswell for the Harrison Park Playground. We have one more year left of our pledge to fulfil. Congrats Kiwanians!

The Meat of the Meeting

President Gord led the members in discussion about changes proposed to Club By-laws to allow club meetings to take place on the 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month. Other meetings are at the call of the chair. Members were overwhelmingly in agreement with the by-law change.

The club had a discussion of our Kiwanis International Eliminate project. In order to dedicate funds over several years, the membership had to vote on our latest financial project. The club voted to donate $45000 by 2016 becoming a "Model Club". Currently over $7000 of the $45000 have already been donated by the club and its members.


Members were delighted to be able to vote for Kiwanis Bruce Jobe to become our newest Board member. We appreciate his willingness to donate his time and expertise to help our club around the Board table. We are still hoping that a past or present Board member or a Past President will step forward to become our President elect.

Photo by: PP John Prettie


A Fine Time!

K Belinda Bowler, PLG Linda and PP Bruce Price each paid 50 cents of the hearty round of applause for their late arrival.  However, President Gord paid these fines because he was so happy to see such a great attendance.

K Doug Cleverley contributed to our coffers as he was crazy at being able to see the Neil Young concert in London. K Steve Sired confessed to a 3 week boat trip from North Carolina to Cape Canaveral Florida and was assessed a $5 fine.

PLG Gary Levine paid a happy toonie for attending the Division 8 Caucus meeting held recently in Collingwood. LG Gail Norris did a terrific job in chairing the business of our Division.

K Ted Horton was assessed a fine for his trip to Roy Thomson Hall where he heard the Mass Military Pipe Band. PLG Linda paid a happy toonie for a recent job related trip to the Land Forces Central Training Centre where Rogers did a shoot for a Ghost Show. Be afraid...

DPS Reta Dimis happily paid for missing the Induction Ceremony as she was attending her graduation ceremony from Brock University.  She also announced she has a new job with Bruce Power.

K Jim McManaman paid for his conversation with his son Connor who could not decide if he wanted to be an Astronaut or Ice Cream Salesperson when he grew up.  Connor then thought he would like to be a Kiwanis member because they got lots of money. K Jim quickly explained that although a Kiwanian is a great thing to be, the money raised is for the good of the community and not for personal use.

Members tossed a happy 50 cents in the pot in recognition of PP John Prettie’s upcoming 60th birthday.

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

President Gord sends best wishes to Cathy Drury as she is in University Hospital in London and to K Stu Luckhardt who is recuperating in Sunnybrook Hospital, Holland Orthopaedic and Arthritic Centre, 40 Wellesley Street, TORONTO  ON  M4Y 1G4.

Fundraising Chair Doug Cleverley explained that the Breakfast with Santa project will not proceed this year due to insufficient time and manpower to succeed.  He noted a Super Bowl party is planned for February 3rd along with a spring Auction.  Both of these projects need lots of help from members so ask K Doug how you can help.

President Gord announced that DPP Bob Miller has coupon books for sale with 50% of the proceeds returning to the Club. For $20.00 you get hundreds of dollars in savings. Please contact DPP Bob for books.