We ask that applicants read the following information carefully.
Incomplete proposals WILL NOT BE CONSIDERED.

If you need assistance in completing the funding form, please email

You will be notified 4-6 weeks following the deadline for submissions (31 January, 30 April, 31 July, or 31 October) if your request will be funded.

Please note that if your application is successful, you will be required to provide the Kiwanis Club of Owen Sound with proof of use of funds provided.


Kiwanis Club of Owen Sound

Funding Application


Along with the following application form, please provide two references or letters of recommendation from a leader within an organization you serve or have served.

These can be submitted to:
Subject: Your Name – Scholarship References


The final decision in the selection of the recipients rests with the Kiwanis Club of Owen Sound Scholarship Committee and the Board of Directors of the Kiwanis Club of Owen Sound.


The successful candidates for the Elwood Moore Scholarships and the KOS Community Service scholarships must approve of their image and their name being allowed for publicity purposes.


Kiwanis Club of Owen Sound

Scholarship Awards Application

Kiwanis Funding Guidelines

The following guidelines are intended FOR EXAMPLE to assist applicants in obtaining funding that supports specific areas of interest and is in keeping with the guidelines established and set out by the Kiwanis Club of Owen Sound.


The Kiwanis Club of Owen Sound is an organization comprised of individuals committed to enhancing the quality of life in our community through service and financial support, focusing on children.

The Kiwanis Club of Owen Sound supports projects that are: 






  • All projects must benefit Youth from birth to 19 years of age who reside permanently in Owen Sound and the district.
  • Funds are awarded for definite purposes and for projects covering a specific period of time. Funds are not awarded to support ongoing operating expenses, except in special cases.
  • Organizations and individuals seeking funding must demonstrate fiscal responsibility, professional management, and commitment to the Community.
  • Funds are awarded for new and innovative projects, to be completed within a specific time frame. Multi-year funding is possible and is subject to periodic review. New and innovative programs may be funded for a limited time.
  • Capital projects may be considered.


The Kiwanis Club of Owen Sound is interested in encouraging projects that will:

  • Serve the young children of our community: Infants to 19 years.
  • Address the underlying causes of problems in our society in innovative ways;
  • Realize a significant and sustainable result with a moderate amount of funding.


Proposals should demonstrate:

  • A clearly defined and researched needs;
  • Evidence of support from other organizations and/or service groups;
  • Provision for evaluation of the project and active planning to form a continuation of the program beyond the initial funding.

The Kiwanis Club of Owen Sound does not consider funding applications:

  • for religious, sectarian, or political purposes;
  • to reduce deficits
  • to retire debt
  • to other service organizations
  • to endowments of other organizations or foundations;
  • to support fundraising activities of national or provincial groups
  • to organizations that are totally Government funded

The Kiwanis Club of Owen Sound looks for marketing and promotional opportunities in an effort to spread the good word of Kiwanis.